locked Logging problems

g4gcl <john@...>

Hi Laurie.

I'm having strange problems with logging using 1.5.0.

I have a very simple setup which works fine with 1.4.1. I just have an ADIF file  and my normal sequence before 1.5.0 was:-


Log QSO - Fill in details

Open ADIF with ADIF Master and update extra things for EQSL such as comments.

I could leave ADIF Master open and the only thing I had to do was to make it re-read the file so that I could see the latest entries.

Now with 1.5.0 I get an error when I log the QSO and it asks me if I want to quit or carry on & risk data corruption. I usually quit and then spend quite a long time trying to find out what's wrong and load the QSO into the log file.

After this error if I try to open the file with ADIF Master it says the file is not the correct format. If I close 1.5.0 then ADIF Master will open it.

The only reliable way to log is either to have 1.5.0 closed down or use 1.4.1 which has non of these problems.


I really hope that's clear & you have some ideas! One last thing the B4 part seems to have stopped working today and I found that the log file path had disappeared, I've fixed that but I'm not sure if it's working now because of all the time sorting this other problem out. By the way I accidentally said yes to saving the QSO & possibly causing corruption & it added the previous QSO again but with the "m" missing from 10m! Very odd

One last thing Laurie. In future releases would it be possible to turn the sound off and save that option? Several times I have not noticed that it has been on because it resets every time it runs and it occasionally causes the program to crash.

That will teach you to comment about things being quiet!



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