locked Re: Showing harmonics of the JT65 signals in hamspots.net

Jim - N4ST

I would think it would cause confusion with harmonics that are created on the receiving end.
There are plenty of operators that have the audio level set too high on the receive end also.
The only way I know to be sure, is if you are receiving a stronger signal that does not have harmonics at the same time you see the "dirty" signal.

Jim - N4ST

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Subject: [HamApps] Showing harmonics of the JT65 signals in hamspots.net

Hello Laurie,

Is it worth to show reported harmonics of JT65 signals in the hamspots.net/jt65 Web interface? I think it would let operators to check almost in real time if they transmitting dirty signals, at least this type of spurious emissions.

As JTDX decodes jt65 harmonics I can try to add it to UDP messages being sent to UDP server as new type of message.

73 Igor UA3DJY

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