locked Re: Missing info when logging into HRD Log book #FT8 #HRD

John H. Long Jr.

I get both the first and last names populated in HRD Logbook.

WSJT-X    v1.8.0-RC1 r7847
JT Alert    2.10.0

I hope this helps.

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Subject: [HamApps] Missing info when logging into HRD Log book #FT8 #HRD
From: "Bob Davet" <davet354tfd@...>
Date: Thu, August 31, 2017 6:40 am
To: Support@HamApps.groups.io

Using WSJT-X for FT8 Communication.
Also Using HRD for my logging.
Have JtAlertX running in association too.
All programs are the most current update.

I know that this may not be a problem on JTAlertX end but since it is running while the problem exists, I thought that I would post it here also.

Here is the problem. Logging into HRD Logbook is not pulling the complete full name from my XML QRZ.com subscription. It is only pulling the first name. All the required login info in HRD for QRZ is correct.

When the log call screen comes up in WSJT-X the name is always blank. If I leave it blank and log the call it then pulls only the first name in HRD Logbook.
Today I decided to type in a name when the log call box came up. When I logged it and went to look at it in HRD Logbook, it had only put the first name in.

If I go into HRD Logbook and select any of the calls logged into HRD Logbook by WSJT-X, then hit the look up tab to try and get the missing info, it does not pull the last names even though they are in QRZ.com.

Where is the problem here?? Not sure if it is in WSJT-X, JTAlertX.

Have posted this in WSJT-X forums too.



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