locked Re: JTAlert configuration files

David De Coons

Check any firewall software running on either PC. Most AV/firewall software will allow you to temporarily disable the firewall so you can determine if that is the cause. 

Sometimes the AV software is too aggressive at trying to protect the customer. 

Dave wo2x

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On Aug 24, 2017, at 9:14 PM, Bob <w4pg@...> wrote:

Thanks Dave! Don't know how I forgot about that setting.  I did as you said but no go.  I even set up a pathway through the network to the HRDLLC folder where the log is kept but JTAlert still will not find the logs.  Quite honestly I think the issue I have is a Windows LAN issue and NOT a problem with JTAlert.  Before I could not access the HRD folder with the log from the computer running JTAlert  I now CAN do that, but still no go.  JTAlert still shows NO logs at all.

At any rate I have JTAlert, HRD and WSJT-X running on one computer and all the Flex stuff, Smart SDR running on another and they talk just fine.  I'll accept that and continue to tinker with my LAN to figure out how in the world I got it to run so easily bofore with an old computer, but cannot get it to work on the new computer.  FUN FUN FUN!! :-)

..............Bob W4PG 

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