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Michael Black

What does a ham 73 have to do with NATO phonetics?

Nobody in NATO ever said "73" to sign off.

You are correct that isn't' the way numerals are pronounced...but there's a REALLY good reason why it's 7-3 in the military.
#1 Could be any combination of numbers or other words
#2 Likely in a very noisy or limited communications mode.

In ham the 73 is only said in one place and no other number is expected.  I've never heard anybody say 7-3 on the radio.

de Mike W9MDB

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Seventy-Three is non-standard as it is NOT of NATO-phonetic standard - and the "seventy" can be confused with lots of different words with different inflections.
Seven is definitely clearer...

"Seventy-Three" Its like saying "ten-four-good-budgie" on Amateur airwaves.... brrrrrr... so why have Amateur licenses when one can go play down the chook-bands, break the way and work DX that way?

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