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Hi Laurie,


Thank you for your work.

I’d like to participate in testing the beta version.


TNX, 73



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Subject: [HamApps] New JTAlert beta with full FT8 support available for test.


This version should be considered beta quality due to the very large amount of code changes involved.

I would like some testing outside of my normal beta test team in order to unearth any defects ASAP and
get a full public release out within the next few days.

If you satisfy the following then reply to this message thread....

  • If your comfortable with rolling back to an earlier version of JTAlert if problems are encountered.
  • If your prepared to report any encountered defects, or unexpected behavior.
  • If your prepared to NOT share the download link (I don't want an untested version publicly available)
  • If you would like to test the new version JTAlert with the understanding there may be defects.

I will be limiting the availability of this per-release to approximately 10 users.
I will email a download link direct to those chosen to participate in the test.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

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