locked Re: POLL : Do you run JTAlert against multiple copies of WSJT-X and JTDX concurrently on the same PC? #POLL


Just another example of another feature that this software had that I didn't even know existed.
THANKS Laurie!

- Jay N1RWY


My only wish is that with FT8- the previously decoded list of stations stays visible longer- I like checking stations qrz pages and or sending direct message to kill time during my digital work. When using FT8 - they populate and display for a much shorter period than when in JT65 (I understand why) I only wish it could be tweaked a bit to display them longer. Besides that- amazing software as always! Jay N1RWY

Activate the JTAlert Decodes History window. Be aware however, it will be somewhat polluted due to the current JTAlert one minute period and the incorrect handling of the 15sec period. The next release of JTAlert handles the new 15 sec period for this display as well.

The Decodes History window (use view menu or F9 hotkey), typically opens in a narrow vertical window or the last viewed width, it can be expanded/collapsed by using the two overlapping squares icon. The expanded and collapsed widths are fixed, but the vertical height is adjustable using the mouse.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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