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Rudolf Schaffer


Thank you for your reply , explanations and help.

I will look for B4 call(s) active and verify all. Yesterday, 2 active and B4 calls were QRV (4O4A and RA9KT)
I hope to get an other call B4 today.

I will reactivate the "Worked B4" visual alert as i've done yesterday.

My best 73,
Rudi, HB9ARI

Le 15.07.2017 à 23:10, HamApps Support (VK3AMA) a écrit :
On 16/07/2017 4:57 AM, Rudolf Schaffer wrote:
...as i've imported into DXKeeper an adif file without the DXKeeper parameters some time ago withh success,
may be some parameters will be missing in the DXK's log, but they are not important for my own use.


Removing the DXKeeper adif "APP_DXKeeper" fields should not have corrected your problem. Those fields are perfectly valid and JTAlert will automatically ignore them as they are unneeded.

I routinely take a 20,000 QSO adif export from my DXKeeper log to test the ADIF functionality in JTAlert. There is never any need to strip out log specific fields like the
"APP_DXKeeper" fields.

I know you think this is resolved by removing the fields, but I believe the problem will reappear again. When it does, send me a support email (with a note of the Callsign and UTC time)  and a copy of your adif file.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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