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Rudolf Schaffer

...as i've imported into DXKeeper an adif file without the DXKeeper parameters some time ago withh success,
may be some parameters will be missing in the DXK's log, but they are not important for my own use.


PS Now, i'm ending with my too long messages, sorry for the volume of data;
i've found a "workaround" for my "problem".

Le 15.07.2017 à 20:31, Rudolf Schaffer a écrit :
...after removing the <...APP_DXKeeper...> parameters, the worked before is functionning ok !
Tomorrow morning, i will do the same modification for all records imported from DXKeeper.
May be the updating to DXK will not more function? I will look for 2 versions of log.adi: one with (for DXK updating) and a 2nd without <...APP_DXKeeper...> for JTAlertX log.adi...

73 QRO,
Rudi, HB9ARI

Le 15.07.2017 à 20:05, Rudolf Schaffer a écrit :
...I'm "obliged" to work with log.adi because DXKeeper is on an other PC (on the same local net...)
but JTAlertX can't communicate between 2 different PCs.
From time to time, i use the log.adi file to update DXK with the Import QSOs function via local net...

73 QRO,
Rudi, HB9ARI

Le 15.07.2017 à 19:28, Dave AA6YQ a écrit :
AA6YQ comments below
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It's in the other direction, to "initiate" the JTAlertX's log.adi, i've exported all my FT8 QSOs from DXKeeper as a standard adif
format into a transfert.adi file from PC1.
After, i've copied the content of this file into log.adi (PC2) just after the header :
<APP_JTAlertX_Created:23>2017/07/15 06:56:06 UTC <EOH> <Band:3>20M <Call:5>PY2MR <APP_DXKEEPER_DXCCPREFIX:2>PY <DXCC:3>108
<Freq:9>14.075767 <Mode:3>FT8 <Operator:6>HB9ARI <QSO_DATE:8>20170714 <TIME_OFF:6>182900 <TIME_ON:6>182900 <RST_Rcvd:3>-05
<RST_Sent:3>+00 <Comment:15>50W K3 HEX high <CONT:2>SA <ITUZ:2>15 <CQZ:2>11 <GRIDSQUARE:4>GG66 <PFX:3>PY2 <State:2>SP
<APP_DXKeeper_ClubLogDate:19>4000-01-01 00:00:00 <EOR> .
<Band:3>20M <Call:5>RA9KT <APP_DXKEEPER_DXCCPREFIX:3>UA0 <DXCC:2>15 <Freq:9>14.076994 <Mode:3>FT8 <Operator:6>HB9ARI
<QSO_DATE:8>20170707 <TIME_OFF:6>145700 <TIME_ON:6>145700 <RST_Rcvd:3>-09 <RST_Sent:3>-13 <Comment:31>70W K3 HEXBEAM high 1st FT8
30.000 <LON:11>E065 00.000 <APP_DXKeeper_SELECT:1>Y <EQSL_QSL_SENT:1>R <LOTW_QSL_SENT:1>U <LOTW_QSL_RCVD:1>R
<LOTW_QSLSDATE:8>20170714 <APP_DXKeeper_ClubLogDate:19>4000-01-01 00:00:00 <EOR>
We can see that DXKeeper record format begin with: "<Band:3> 20M...."
and log.adi format begin with: "<CALL:4>4O4A<QSO_DATE:8>20..."

ADIF does not specify an order in which fields must appear.
The JTAlertX ADIF above describes a QSO with PY2MR.
The DXKeeper ADIF above describes two QSOs, one with RA9KT, and one with 404A.

Dave, AA6YQ

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