locked Re: Logging FT8 QSO's

Bill Barrett

Any workaround for eQSL?
Bill W2PKY

On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 11:41 AM, Michael Black via Groups.Io <mdblack98@...> wrote:
Depends on your logging program.

Log4OM can map FT8 to Data and is uploading as FT8 to QRZ for me after the change to ModeList_user.csv adding an entry "FT8;FT8;DATA;FT8"
TQSL can map FT8 to Data

If you're doing QRZ through JTAlert I don't believe it supports remapping.  But it will probably be fixed in 2.9.11

de Mike W9MDB

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Subject: [HamApps] Logging FT8 QSO's

 I loaded tge beta version, and I made several Q'S using FT8.
 The question I have, how do you log a FT8 QSO in QRZ, eQSL & LOTW (in LOTW I log as 'Data').

Warren - AE4WG

Bill Barrett

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