locked Re: FT8 vs JT9

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On 15/07/2017 1:34 PM, kk5aa_fred via Groups.Io wrote:

I still use the old Microsoft Access database so that may be why it is reporting HRD5.
Thanks to everyone on the heads up about QSO Relay. I managed to get it working the first time!
I'm glad I made the switch to groups.io, I was still watching the old Yahoo groups and missing a lot.
I'm going to turn the HamSpots reporting back on in a minute to see if that has been fixed too.

Fred - KK5AA
Tnx Fred,

Your response prompted me to go back and examine my code.
Your correct your were not using HRD5.
Sorry for the confusion.
Glad to here your up and running with the latest JTAlert.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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