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Jim - N4ST


In addition to VK3AMA's excellent advice, you might also want to consider upgrading to HRD along with the latest JTAlert.
By adding the QSORelay program to the mix, you will get automatic/transparent updating of your HRDLog from JTAlert.

Jim - N4ST

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Subject: [HamApps] FT8 vs JT9

Yesterday, I downloaded and installed the new WSJY-X to give FT8 a try.
After that, I went back to JTDX and JTAlert 2.7 to make some JT9 contacts.
I have to use JTAlert 2.7 because I use HRD logbook and have for 5 years.
I can't update JTAlert because I will lose access to the HRD logbook.
Now, I keep getting notices from the web site that my spots are being blocked because I am supposedly using FT8 and spotting it as JT9.
I am using JT9, not FT8 but I never made any changes in the settings.
Can this be fixed without upgrading to JTAlert 2.9?

Fred - KK5AA

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