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Jim - N4ST


I tried DXLabs and one other logging program, but I just had too much inertia to make the change.
I wrote VBA programs to move log data between JTAlert ADIF logfiles and HRD Logbook.
However, QSO Relay from VK2BYI has become available and provides a transparent link between JTAlert ADIF Log files and HRD Logbook.
I am currently using JTAlert 2.98, QSO Relay 1.4 and HRD without issues.
My only real complaint is when you go the other way and synchronize your JTAlert ADIF log with your QSL updated HRD Logbook, it copies all of the HRD Logbook into the JTAlert ADIF log.
I really don't need 40,000 CW QSOs in my JTAlert log, so I went back to my VBA program to update JTAlert ADIF log from the HRD Logbook.

Jim - N4ST

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Since January family matters has taken priority and I have not spent much time in the shack.
I see that there are many changes. Can someone point me to a message where I can read what happened regarding HRD, and then a message, how best to move forward. I am currently still running WSJT-X 1.7.0, JTAlertx 2.8.6 and HRD I am considering moving to Log for OM 1.28 unless I learn better.


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