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Jim - N4ST


That combination should work, but you might want to download the latest versions: JTAlert 2.94 and WSJT-X 1.7.
JTAlert is a great add-on for WSJT-X.
You haven't said specifically what isn't working.
Do they both install without error messages?
Are you using them in conjunction with another logging program?
Start WSJT-X before JTAlert.

Jim - N4ST

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I have been using WSJT-x fo several months, Great fun. So thought I would add JTAlert but I can't get them to play together.
I have JTAlert 2.8.7 and WSJT-x v 1.6.0.r6263 running on a Windows 10 Pro PC.
Any help would be appreciated
de Cliff

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