locked JTAlertX 2.9.2 Changes

Ed Wilson


I installed 2.9.2 this morning hoping that the last two characters in the Grid would not be forced to ALL CAPS as was the case with 2.9.1. Unfortunately, it still seems that all characters in the Grid are still being forced to ALL CAPS in most, but not all, instances. Another change that I observed in 2.9.2 is that the QTH is now forced to ALL CAPS, again in most instances, but not all. Is there a setting that I have missed? 

I would like to see the Grid show with the first four characters in upper case and the last two in lower case as has been the convention for many years. I would also like to see the QTH displayed with the first letter capitalized and the rest of the city name (QTH) in lower case.

I apologize if these changes were intentional and if I am the only person who wants to go back to the "old" way that the log information was presented; if so, please just ignore this email.

Although I do not think it matters, I am currently using HRD 5.24 for my logging.

Ed, K0KC


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