locked Anyone run two JT65hf?


I was wondering if anyone runs, or has tried to run, two instances of
JT65hf at the same time from one computer.

I am trying it now with my ft-450 and ft-950. It's sort of a gaggle
to set-up, needing to always change the "settings" of JT65hf once the
second one comes up.

Once that's accomplished, then it all seems to work nicely.

JT-Alert follows whichever JT65HF is on top of all other screens. Well,
I think it stays with that one.

I am able to log a call from it anyway.

I have Dx-Lab's 'Commander' and DX-Keeper going as well as HRD and it's
respective logbook.

I am asking here and will ask on the jt65hf yahoo group to which I also

Anyway, was just curious if anyone tried this.


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