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Jim - N4ST


Hopefully Laurie will chime in with the best answer.
When I went to Ver 2.9, I lost my +8,500 JT QSOs that had been used in the B4 check.
I exported my JT QSOs from HRD Logbook in ADIF format and added that to the new existing JTAlert ADIF Log
That seemed to report my B4 contacts correctly.
Subsequently, I wrote a VBA program which strips out the HRD "extra" ADIF information and reformats the HRD ADIF data to the one QSO per line format of JTAlert.
Don't know that it was necessary to do that, but is prettier.

Jim - N4ST

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if- when changing to version 2.9 and save log as ADI I can import to HRD 6.3 etc simple enough.
What is best way to get the scan log to check the worked before status?

do I need to import HRD adi into new log created for JT alert ? any pointers would help me
thank you Jacques

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