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On 26/01/2017 11:18 AM, William Wagaman wwagaman@hotmail.com [HamApps] wrote:

Hello Bill here N3GTY the HB9HQX version is 4.3 When the log window appears it does not show the signal report but does show the Mode Time Date Band and that it has been successfully logged. Also the version of JTAlert is 2.9.0 and ACLog is 5.8.2 which I think is a beta version. Auto-Start is starting HB9HQX with no issues. I just thought of something from getting my Auto-Start up and running and Started ACLog Running as Administrator and it did Log correctly all but comments as in WSJT-X which gives the Mode and Report in comments field. As it stands I am happy with the addition of getting all but the comments field which may be the way it is designed to be.

I will attempt to send the report as soon as I make another contact Thanks in advance Bill N3GTY

If HB9HQX is not displaying signal reports in its Log QSO window, then those missing values are not logged to the HB9HQX adi log file. It is that adi file that JTAlert reads to get the newest QSO for sending on to ACLog. The problem is with HB9HQX, not JTAlert.

There should be no need to start ACLog as Administrator, Running any of the applications as Administrator will likely cause security level permission mismatches between the applications producing unpredictable results, depending on which application is running with elevated privileges.

I'm not following you description of Comments not being logged. Which applications Comments are not getting logged by JTAlert?

de Laurie VK3AMA

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