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Ed Wilson


Don't ever give up JTAlert! I have made over 11,000 JT65/JT9 contacts over the past five years or so and I could not have done that without JTAlert. I consider it an essential part of WSJT-X which I use for my JT contacts. You probably will be able to figure out most options within the program by just looking at the various menus, but there is always the "Help" button when you get stuck. I have not found a need for a manual and would prefer that Laurie spend his free time adding new features to the program rather than attempting to write a comprehensive user guide.

Please feel free to ask "Stoopid Newbee Questions" on this list or privately to one of us...I am sure you will get some prompt help either directly from Laurie (taking into account the time zone difference between North America and Australia) or from a member of the group.
Ed, K0KC


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Well steve, it wasn't exactly what I was asking.  But it was a part of the answer.  And I have received several kind private E-mails with the answer also.
I truly regret stirring up that whole mess.  One thing is certain, I will not be asking many questions here.  If there was a user's manual available on-line or for download I would read it and unsubscribe from the group.  Since there is not, I will continue to read a lot of the traffic.  I won't be posting much though.
I have WSJT-X working perfectly.  So far I am logging manually to AC-Log.  If I run into anything I can't figure out with JT-Alert I will probably just uninstall it and run with what is working.
Hope you have a wonderful Monday. 
Vy73 -- Mike -- KD5KC.
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Looks to me like its JTAlert related.
When the answer is  [Cursor on call in JTAlert box, F5 gives you the text box.]  it looks like JTAlert is involved.
I did not know that,  thanks to the member who provided the answer.
Steve   K4ELI

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