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On 9/01/2017 12:11 PM, w9tvx@arrl.net [HamApps] wrote:

Hi Laurie,

I spent the last two days (about 10-12 hours each day) evaluating
Log4om and DXLabSuite. I managed to get fairly deeply into each
program (I had played with Log4om in the past) and I came away with
the conclusion that for me neither of them serve me as well as HRD.

With this in mind, I think the best short term strategy for die hard
HRD users is to not upgrade JTAlert per your recommendation; however,
once the next major version comes out (or if there is an important bug
fix to the current version), I know I will likely be hard pressed not
to want to upgrade.

Considering this, would the best go forward strategy be to switch to
the 'Standard ADIF File' and use the following recipe to keep JTAlert
and HRD in 'sync':

1) Periodically dump the log from HRD in an ADIF file and have JTAlert
scan this fileto make the necessary calculations for B4 etc. I'm
assuming that JTAlert builds its own data structures from the ADIF
file and will only scan it when the users requests a scan?

2) After scanning the file delete it and have JTAlert log to a newly
empty file.

3) Periodically load this file into HRD and purge it after loading

4) Rinse and repeat

Does this sound about right?




The problem with Item 2. is that you loose all B4's as that check is
done against the enabled log which would be empty.

Regarding Item 3, does HRD not have an ADIF import setting that ignores
duplicates? If it doesn't then you will need to ensure that the ADIF
file before import only contains new QSOs, either by starting with an
empty file but then loose B4s (see above) or manually editing out QSOs
already existing in HRD based on a information you manually maintain
that records the last HRD Log record exported to the ADIF. All very
confusing, and not ideal, but easily managed if HRDLogbook can ignore
dupes on import.

de Laurie VK3AMA

Posted by: "Laurie, VK3AMA" <groups08@vkdxer.com>

Regarding Item 3,

HRDLogbook can be set to ignore duplicates.

Jim - N4ST

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