locked CQ Marathon for 2016

Phil Cooper

Hi all,

Apologies for cross-posting this, but just a gentle reminder that you can
submit your CQ Marathon scores for 2016 until the 10th Jan 2017.

The DXLab Suite (via DXKeeper) can compile the submission form for you very
easily, but do remember to download the latest XLS file from the CQ site,
and save it to the DXKeeper/Reports folder.
You might need to configure DXKeeper to look in the right place, but it is
easy enough, and help is available in the Config of DXKeeper.

I've generated my submission for last year, and thankfully, I got a few
missing countries/Zones last week. I needed both ZS and Zone 29, but was
lucky enough to get them on JT65/JT9 on 17/20m.

73 all,


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