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I must be misunderstanding you.  You don’t need to open the Config panel, whatever programs you setup there automatically run when you run Launcher.  If that is not what you want, then just add the programs you want to open and close to your task bar; or from as you said, your overcrowded desktop.

73 de Sebastian, W4AS

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Hmm that is useful, but not exactly what I was referring to….
 In order to launch programs from these slots one needs to open the Config panel each time – yet another window to open and close. I have 4 monitors – SpotCollector occupies one on it’s own, email takes up another, the third is shared by Commander (with its bandspread)/DXKeeper/DXView (no map)/Launcher/LogPublisher.  The final monitor crries the “Active” application : WinWarbler/WSJT-X/FLDigi/MixW/MultiPSK/GRITTY+Gateway/MRP40+Gateway etc etc.  My ideal situation would be an (optional) additional row of buttons under the 7 used for the DXLab applications to launch 7 of the addon applications. 
Launcher is an amazingly effective program – I don’t have any other DXLab icons on my (overcrowded) desktop, it does everything for me. If I could launch JTAlert and the WSJT-X variants like that it would be awesome!
KF26ta - Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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DXLab Launcher already provides that functionality.  Select Config, and you will see 8 slots for apps started before DXLab, and an additional 8 slots for apps started after DXLab.
You can also create a batch file which will open as many additional programs as you’d like.

73 de Sebastian, W4AS

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For me the ULTIMATE would be DXLab Launcher offering an additional row of buttons to launch other applications such as WSJT-X, JTAlert, LogPublisher, SpotSpy or the various Gateways – but I really don’t see Dave making that kind of change anytime soon!! Would be awesome though….  J
KF26ta - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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