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Laurie, VK3AMA <groups08@...>


If your frequently changing between WSJT-X and JTDX that changing the auto-start entries is a chore, then my recommendation is to not use the auto-starts and manually start WSJT-X or JTDX. It is just one additional mouse click.

An alternative is to ignore any JTDX/WSJT-X and JTAlert shortcuts and create your own shortcut that points to a batch file that starts both programs JTAlert and WSJT-X. A similar batch file would need to be created for JTAlert and JTDX.

The downside to the batch file approach is that the associated JTMode application is not automatically closed when JTAlert is closed. But that would also be the case if DXLab Launcher was extended as you recently described. Also, only an additional single mouse click to close the program.

These two batch file samples have been tested and work (pay attention to the JTAlert commandline parameter). Be sure to change the paths to those applicable to your environment...
@echo off
start "JTDX" /D "D:\Apps\JTDX_17.3\bin\" /B wsjtx.exe
start "JTAlertX" /D "D:\Apps\JTAlert\" /B JTAlert.exe /jtdx
@echo off
start "WSJT-X" /D "D:\Apps\wsjtx-1.7.0\bin\" /B wsjtx.exe
start "JTAlertX" /D "D:\Apps\JTAlert\" /B JTAlert.exe /wsjtx

de Laurie VK3AMA

On 4/01/2017 4:27 AM, 'Barry Murrell ZS2EZ' mailgroups@... [HamApps] wrote:

Hmm that is useful, but not exactly what I was referring to….


In order to launch programs from these slots one needs to open the Config panel each time – yet another window to open and close. I have 4 monitors – SpotCollector occupies one on it’s own, email takes up another, the third is shared by Commander (with its bandspread)/DXKeeper/DXView (no map)/Launcher/LogPublisher.  The final monitor crries the “Active” application : WinWarbler/WSJT-X/FLDigi/MixW/MultiPSK/GRITTY+Gateway/MRP40+Gateway etc etc.  My ideal situation would be an (optional) additional row of buttons under the 7 used for the DXLab applications to launch 7 of the addon applications.


Launcher is an amazingly effective program – I don’t have any other DXLab icons on my (overcrowded) desktop, it does everything for me. If I could launch JTAlert and the WSJT-X variants like that it would be awesome!



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