locked Re: : HRD V6 Logging abandonment - A brief explanation.

Neal Pollack

Laurie:   You have my vote.

While I purchased and use HRD (before I found out about this stuff),  I completely agree
with you.   Living in America, the basic foundation of our system is that you have
guaranteed rights to freedom of speech, without fear of consequence.
It is illegal for any company to take back a product you have paid for.
That is basically theft.    When they do it because of a customer voicing an opinion,
they are also violating our constitutional rights, a federal law.

Even though I like the functionality of HRD and it's logbook, I will study and find
a new alternative.   After reading all of this, I too refuse to support these bastards.

I see an alarming trend in our hobby that I don't see so much in others;
There are several companies that are behaving like HRD.  LDG tuners is another one.
I received a brand new unit with a manufacturing quality control defect.  I went to the
public support forums on Yahoo Groups and noticed another person had the same issue.
I posted that this is what happened to my unit also, so they must be missing something
in manufacturing inspection.

Suddenly,  I was banned from the groups.   I received an email from Dwayne at LDG
disagreeing with my post.  When I tried to reply and inquire what was going on, I found
that my email was blacklisted also.    Great customer support.    I paid money, had an
immediate problem on receipt of the shipment, and was banned for talking about it.
If that is how LDG, or HRD for that fact, think they will find happy paying customers, well,
SCREW THEM!  They deserve to die, which makes room for new vendors with better

I will watch this thread for suggestions on new logging programs.
What I liked about HRD logbook was the ability to upload to almost every
online log, including LOTW, QRZ.com, and eQSL.cc  
Hopefully one of the other logging programs can do that also.
Then I can switch and flip the birdie at HRD


Neal   N6YFM

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