locked Re: HRD V6 Logging abandonment - A brief explanation.

Jim - N4ST

JTAlert dropping support for HRD V6 hits me hard. I have used both programs
almost from day one and the operation of both is totally transparent to my
hamming activities. They are there and provide the functionality that
allows me to enjoy ham radio more fully.

Having been a long-time user of both software sets and peripherally dealing
with said developers, my decision will be to abandon HRD and look elsewhere
for WSJT logging programs. At this point I do not plan to renew my HRD
support (never been as helpful as the HRD forum, anyway). Guess I will be
exploring DX Labs and similar programs.

Great opportunity for a new start-up outfit to "fill the gap".

Laurie - keep on with your excellent support and development process. You
provide a great service to the ham radio community and are a shining example
of amateur radio spirit.

Jim - N4ST

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After some "soul-searching", I now feel I owe the community an explanation,
even if brief, regarding my decision to abandon HRD V6 logging support in
JTAlert, especially to those users directly affected by this decision.

"Bottom-Line", I don't want myself or my software to have any sort of
association with HRDLLC the company, their policies or their products.

This decision was a long time coming. The draft for the announcement had
been sitting in my email draft folder for over 12 months. I came close to
making the announcement on two other occasions in that time, but chose to
"back-off", primarily because I knew this would affect a large number of
JTAlert users and I felt uncomfortable with that.

The "die was cast" when HRDLLC released HRD ver in October 2015.
That release contained malicious code that deliberately shutdown JTAlert on
a users PC without warning or message to the user that HRD had performed
this unauthorised act. Details of this are publicly available within this
groups message archives.

There have been several other events and interactions with HRDLLC over that
time that are not publicly known, contributing to this decision,  and I will
not be discussing them here or privately.

While the association with HRDLLC was simply that my software had a feature
that extended the functionality of HRD in providing a JT65/JT9 logging
bridge, I am no longer comfortable supporting (by association) HRDLLC the
Company, their policies or their products.

Again, I sincerely apologise to the affected HRD users.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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