locked Re: HRD V6 Logging abandonment - A brief explanation.

Laurie, VK3AMA <groups08@...>

On 30/12/2016 7:44 PM, Liz & Tony Buckland buckland@scorch.co.nz [HamApps] wrote:
Hi Laurie,

Firstly, many thanks for all your sterling work with JTAlert, it's a
fantastic program and much appreciated.

Secondly, if I ditch HRD for Logger32 would it work OK with JTAlert or
would DXLog Suite be the better option?

Thanks again.

HNY to you and all our readers.

73 Tony ZL3HAM
Hi Tony,

Sorry, Logger32 is not supported. I made a couple of attempts in the past, but the propriety format of the database used for its log requires the purchase a very expensive license from the database vendor, and then it is not practical as the engine doesn't support concurrent access to the data tables, the log is opened exclusively by Logger32 while it is running so JTAlert would not be able to run queries against the log even if a license was purchased.

The DXLab suite is supported. DXKeeper was the first logger supported by JTAlert. There are several JTAlert functions that are unique to DXLab. It is what I use for my Logging/DX activities. I have been using it for at least a decade. The support by its author (Dave AA6YQ) is superb. You will never get an unanswered question from the Dave, regardless of how trivial or how often previously asked.

DXKeeper, Log4om and ACLog are all good products and their respective authors all provide excellent end-user support. From a JTAlert perspective, all three are relatively easy to work with due to their use of industry standard and popular database formats which makes my coding activities working with their logs rather painless ;-)

Cheers from across the ditch.
de Laurie VK3AMA

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