locked Re: : HRD V6 Logging abandonment - A brief explanation.

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Laurie, will you keep the option under Logging -> Standard ADIF File in any new releases of JTAlertX? This way I can still keep working with JTAlertX and maintain my log in HRD as I will not be dumping HRD.

If this Standard ADIF File option will remain in later releases, will you be opening the file for writing and then closing the file after a successful write rather that keeping the file open while JTAlertX is running?

Thanks Laurie
DE Bruce

ADIF logging will still be available, only HRD V6 logging is being retired.

JTAlert never holds the ADIF file open except during the brief time when a new QSO is added.

For the technically minded, he only other time when the ADIF file is opened is at JTAlert startup and then only long enough to import the entire file into a very-fast memory based database. All B4 checks, Wanted Alert checks and QSO History searches during a JTAlert session are done against that memory-based database and never against the slow un-indexed disk-based ADIF text file. Fast log searches are critical when processing many decodes and producing the alerts in the brief 10 sec window after decode and start of the next TX/RX period. I have coded JTAlert to minimise the delay and provide some time for the operator to react to possible multiple alerts and make a decision which to reply to.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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