locked Re: [Ham-Apps] JT-Alert Logging to HRDLog.net

Jim - N4ST


If you go to HRD Logbook Configure<>Sharing and select a polling interval
of 10 seconds or so, this will refresh the Logbook in the background for
This may trigger the auto HRDLog.net upload. I’m not sure.
The problem I had with enabling the sharing was that if you also are
manually manipulating your logbook while JT-Alert is logging with sharing
enabled, you may accidentally enter a QSO twice.

Jim – N4ST

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Subject: [Ham-Apps] JT-Alert Logging to HRDLog.net

If I use Add Logbook Entry, I successfully automatically log to the
HRDLog.net. When I use JT-Alert and log a successful QSO, it goes to the HRD
Logbook, however it does not auto-upload to HRDLog.net. It's always been
this way, and honestly, I never take the time to manually upload them to

Is there a simple solution to this, or is there something I don't have set
up correctly?

Thanks in advance,


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