locked Problems Reading B4log.mdb unless restart JT-Alert after each contact

Jeff - K2AK

Everything seems to be working fine with the nicely updated JT-Alert 1.5 except I am having one issue.

I am not using logging because I am using HRD V5 and I like to use the ALE window to capture all of the user information from QRZ or Buckmaster (Hamcall), like Name, Address, coordinates, QTH etc.

When I log a contact using the "LOG QSO" button in JT65-HF it writes the call sign and band to the B4log.mdb file just fine. The next time the call sign that was previously logged is decoded is doesn't display as worked B4. If I restart JT65-HF and JT-Alert it will then display that same call sign as worked B4.

I do have the Display worked B4 checked in the configuration and created the B4log.mdb file in the default directory and then imported all of my JT65 contacts from HRD. I tried using the log to ADI file but that didn't work at all unless the callsign was in the ADI file (didn't care what was in B4 mdb file).

Not sure why it is not refreshing or what should take place.

Any ideas?

Jeff – K2AK

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