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Hi Lautie'
In the process of getting the log file I realized that the address I put in JT-Alert was not complete I had left the last part off. Got that fixed and no more error messagees.
I have not tried to log a contact yet .. will let you know the result.
Will be gone tommorow so maybe in a day or two.
Thanks for the clue to getting rid of the error message. Ray W7RJC

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Hi Ray,

I assume you are using the HRD5 (Access) log
Please email me direct you HRD log file that you have specified in the
JT-Alert Log File Path

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 19-October-2011 05:21, w7rjc wrote:
Hi Laurie,

Ray W7RJC here. Well I've gotten rid of the multiple copies of JT65 v107
and have reloaded JT65 v107 and JT-Alert v1.5.0.
Now I have an error message poping up at radum.(atleast I cann't relate it to anything.) This is happening on receive.(haven;t tryed xmitt .. Yet)

This is the message ....

JT-Alert Error
Microsoft Jet Database engine cannot find the input table "Table_HRD_Contacts_V01"

error #80020009

It then asks me to make sure it exsists and the name is spelled correctly.
I did a search for "Table_HRD_Contacts_V01" and found nothing.

This error always shows up twice when it shows up.

Also the "&#92;" was already present when I went to put it in the contact window.
I have not tryed to log a file yet to see if the popups appear.

Hope you are having a good day .. Ray W7RJC

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