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Agree that this should not be on the HamApps forum.  Perhaps a switch to the WSJTX forum is in order.



Dan Malcolm CFI/II



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My guess is that those guys who send an R report after a CQ do not understand that R should mean that they have received your report ok. I think that they just believe that R means that they acknowledge your call.


This is getting a bit off-topic for HamApps, however!



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Agreed Gus ... now if we could get those that come back from a CQ with a R- type report, life wud be easier. Double click on one of those and u go into the RRR mode - fortunately WSJT-X let's you change it back over to a report on the fly before things really get out of sequence.

Why are so many doing that ... are they just not looking at the screen?

73 Dwight NS9I


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Hello gentlemen,

watching PSKReporter at start up time and again reveals that the #  JT65 stations far outweigh the  # JT9 stations.

JT65 and JT9 being developed by Joe K1JT JT9 offers:

- a far smaller bandwidth than JT65 (i.e. more room to operate and far less QRM)
- a 2% better sensitivity than JT65  (2 dB in the mid 20 dB range is huge).

Knowing that most of us operate WSJT-X means we can operate JT65 and JT9, tell me what keeps almost everyone away from JT9?

The answer is not enough stations and not enough DX variety.
Quite understandable if everybody for the above 2 reasons keeps messing about with JT65.

Why don't you start letting go of JT65? If we all do in a reasonably short time (several month) we will all of us benefit from it. JT9 in the technic al arena is the better mode.

73, good DX
Gust ON6KE



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