locked JTAlert Error - Not enough storage is available to process this command

Bob Segrest

I am running the current release (2.81) of JTAlert with HRD and a SQL Server log database.  Everythign was working fine, I rebooted my system and am receiving the following message when JTAlert attempts to start:

Sorry, there has been an error!

Current Function : __lastqso_HRD()
Calling Function : _Log_Last_QSO()

DSN Name :

DSN Driver : SQL Server Native Client 10.0

Conn String : DSN=BobsHamSql;Trusted_Connection=No;Uid=...;Pwd=...;Persist Security Info=True;


err.description is:  
err.windescription: Not enough storage is available to process this command.

err.number is:  80020009
err.lastdllerror is:  0
err.scriptline is:  -1
err.source is:  ADODB.Connection
err.helpfile is:  
err.helpcontext is:  1240640

This error message has been placed in the Windows Clipboard.

The workstation I am working on has lots of disk space, so does the SQL server.  Can anyone give me some idea where to look for this problem?

Bob, KO2F

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