locked Re: [Ham-Apps] Question on JT-Alert Display

Jim - N4ST

You must have previously installed the JT-Alert database. (See previous
message posted today for latest version).
If you work someone in the database, some (or all) of those details will be
filled out in the JT-Alert window.
Not all calls are in the database.

Jim - N4ST

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Subject: [Ham-Apps] Question on JT-Alert Display

I must have been dozing if this was discussed.  Please pardon:
One day last week I happened to glance at the display and was surprised to
see the other op's name, QTH, etc, all fully displayed.  I may not have
looked before, but I began then to do so, and I haven't seen that full
display since.  I'm pretty sure nothing was changed, added, or deleted
before or after that one occasion.

Can someone tell me what the prog was doing then and why I've not seen it

tnx/73...~jess, AF5X

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