locked Re: [Ham-Apps] Status report on JT-Alert 1.5.0 release.

David Westbrook

My question was answered by you in a post on the JT65-HF list:

"In the next release of JT-Alert (1.5.0) if you are using DXKeeper or HRD type logs, there will be an option to scan the log and auto check the needed States based on worked only, cfm by Card, cfm by LoTW, cfm by QSL or any combination ."



On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 9:21 AM, David Westbrook <dwestbrook@...> wrote:
Looking forward to this exciting list!!!  It's an impressive amount to get out in a short time.

Can you explain the logic behind the "Scan log to populate WAS settings"?

Does it uncheck if a state is just worked, or does it take into account the QSL_RCVD, EQSL_QSL_RCVD, and LOTW_QSL_RCVD adif fields? (e.g. DXKeeper stores these in its .mdb database; i don't know about HRD, but i'm guessing it does too).  If it does take those into account, is there an option of which combination to use?
If not, can I can that to the to-do list? :)

Minor feat-add:  Could the WAS settings screens show a count of how many are currently checked?  That would help spot-check against other lists/sources (e.g. lotw progress page).


On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 8:32 AM, Laurie <groups03@...> wrote:

I have finished final code changes. I am running this version live for the next 24 hours.

I thought I would provide a brief insight intosome of the new and changed features.
From the release notes of 1.5.0 ......

  Change - Code changes to support new JT65-HF ver 1.0.8.x
  New    - Setup executable file (manual install no longer supported).
  New    - Menus moved to title bar for a cleaner look and increased space
            for up to 9 decoded callsigns.
  New    - US State, LoTW & eQSL(AG) databases distributed as single setup
            executable file, 8.9MB size (if not using DXLAB files)
  New    - US State (Male or Female) & Misc sound wave files distributed as
            a single setup executable file, 1.9MB size.
  New    - Sound and Callsign databases installed outside of program folder in
            Windows Comman AppData area (typically C:\ProgramData under Win7)
  New    - Logging: HRD4/5 (Access), HRD5 (MySQL & MSSQL), SwissLog, VQLog, ADIF.
            (JT65-HF data plus Name, QTH, DXCC, State, ITUZ, CQZ & QSL request).
  New    - Scan Log to populate WAS settings.
            (Currently only, DXKeeper, HRD4/5 (Access) & HRD5 (MySQL & MSSQL)).
  New    - Band activity indicator in titlebar with auto updates from HamSpots.net.
  New    - LoTW & eQSL(AG) membership indicators on decoded callsigns.
  New    - Out of Shack Alert with own volume and sound file(repeat 1 to 5 times)
            triggered on any combination of existing alerts. The idea is that this
            will sound to draw attention to JT65 activity.
  New    - Wanted DXCC Alert.
            (still in beta with settings improvment due in next release).
  New    - Tree Style Settings/Configuration window layout.
  New    - Settings saved to a file (instead of Registry) in users AppData directory.
            (not compatible with previous JT-Alert versions - sorry).
  New    - Backup/Restore Comfiguration settings to/from file options.
  New    - Own Call alerts now support two callsigns.
  New    - Right-click menu on decoded calls. Add/delete call to/from Wanted-
            Calls alert list and initiate QRZ.com lookup.
  New    - Option to vary number of decoded callsigns displayed. (6,7,8 or 9).
  New    - Always OnTop of all windows option for JT-Alert.
  New    - Wanted Calls & Wanted Grids management (Add, delete, import).
  New    - multiuser support with individual settings and logs and alerts.
            (one PC, one JT-Alert plus ancillary files install)
  New    - Auto create empty JT-Alert B4 file if missing and needed.
  Change - Logging to JT-Alert B4 file only if not using a supported logger.
            (If using a supported logger, B4 checking uses that log)
  Change - JT-Import is now part of the Configuration/Setup program.
            (Support of standalone adif import program is dropped).
  Change - Configuration WAS State order to match ARRL LoTW State order.
  Change - Extended CQ & QRZ detection to include non-standard decodes.
           (CQ DE, QRZ DE, QRZ?, QRZ??, CQDX, CQ DX, CQ STATE)
  Change - Left-Click DXKeeper lookup moved to Right-Click context menu.
            Pathfinder lookup also available.
  Change - Option to repeat play an alert wave file removed.
  Change - Auto layout adjustments for Screen resolutions with large fonts.
  Change - Compiler options reduced .exe file-size and memory usage 50%.
  Change - Performance enhancements - cacheing of database lookup results.
  Change - Application icon now supports Vista/Win7 large (256x256) icon sizes.
  BugFix - Incorrect Docked position and size under Vista/Win7 Aero theme.

Laurie, VK3AMA

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