locked Re: : Re: : Re: : Re: Suddenly can't hear any alert sounds!


- Guys- it's fixed but kinda by accident. Mike W9MDB suggested I uninstall the Sound Blaster device and driver from windows 10 and then reinstall., which I did.. When I rebooted the PC, Windows did not find the Sound Blaster device, but in device manager I now noticed several devices ( may have been there before- not sure):  Nvidia Hi Def audio, Nvidia Virtual Audio Device (I have a Nividia video card), Realtek Hi Def Audio, SB Recon 3D audio controller, and Unsupported Game Port for Creative. ( not sure I need all them? )

But went back to JTAlert settings and changed the Sound Card to Realtek Hi Def Audio and bingo all the Alert Sounds work. So, I am far from a Windows expert but maybe there was a device conflict?

73 Paul

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