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Jim - N4ST


Do you realize that with JT-Alert the “Log QSO” button can be setup to write
directly to the HRD Logbook?
Times, callsign, gridsquare, mode, frequency, signal reports, etc. are
written directly to the HRD logbook.
I usually do a QRZ lookup on the HRD logged QSO to fill in some of the
blanks, and I like to hit the propagation button to store the solar indices.

Jim – N4ST

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Hello Laurie,
I forgot to answer your question. No. I do not use the log qso button at
all. I am still using the HRD Log program for my logging. I love to abandon
that program, but then all fields must be supported in the log section of
JT65-HF or JT-Alert.
I am thinking to develop a PHP based log program. An addition to the log
program I already use on my www.pd5dp.nl website. So I can input my QSO's
online. That would be nice.
73 de Henk [pd5dp]

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