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Henk F.P. Pit

Hello Laurie,


I forgot to answer your question. No. I do not use the log qso button at all. I am still using the HRD Log program for my logging. I love to abandon that program, but then all fields must be supported in the log section of JT65-HF or JT-Alert.


I am thinking to develop a PHP based log program. An addition to the log program I already use on my www.pd5dp.nl website. So I can input my QSO's online. That would be nice.


73 de Henk [pd5dp]



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As the message indicates, the path used by the JT65-HF log cannot be found. The problem is with JT65-HF, not JT-Alert, so reinstalling JT-Alert will not correct this issue.

The problem is that you have an invalid path setup in JT65-HF. This is the path to the adi file, not the csv file. Click the "Log QSO" button on JT65-HF and set a correct path.  Close that window and restart JT65-HF (needed as the path only gets saved to the JT65-HF xml config file on shutdown). Now restart JT-Alert so that it reads this new (correct) path from the JT65-HF xml config file. The error should be gone.

Since you are always getting this message this indicates that you aren't using the JT65-HF "Log QSO" button. Is that correct?

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 2/08/2012 12:20 AM, Henk F.P. Pit wrote:

Hello Laurie,


Every time I start JT-Alert I get this message:


ERROR: JT65-HF Log Path not found!

Log path: C:\Users\AMD6000\Local\JT65-HF\


JT-Alert will be unable to log to your logger


Not: JT65-HF will also throw an error.


If I click OK JT-Alert will work OK, but I was trying to find how to solve this. I know

that the path is invalid, because I did setup Windows7 again some months ago.


AMD6000 must become PD5DP in the path. I searched everywhere and even did setup

JT-Alert again, but I assume it is an error from JT65-HF (somewhere stored in a

config file or something).


I would like a solution without to have to install JT65-HF again. Is this possible or

is there another solution?


73 de Henk [pd5dp]




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