locked Re: HRD Logbook 5.24 and JT-Alert - South Africa Issue

Jim - N4ST

Version does not fix the problem on my machine. Same problem as before. A discrepancy in the spelling of the country will set the country name to blank and the DXCC country code to zero.

United States vs. United States of America
Republic of South Africa vs. South Africa
Fed. Republic of Germany vs. Federal Republic of Germany
...and these are the easy ones to find.

I originally posted this issue on this forum, because I figured having JT-Alert write United States instead of United States of America was a trivial fix for Laurie to implement and would make life easier for us HRD users. The real problem, however, lies with HRD and I won't be making any follow up posts on this forum about this issue.

Jim - N4ST

--- In Ham-Apps@yahoogroups.com.au, Dave Wright <hfradiopro@...> wrote:

HRD v5.24.0.25 was released on Friday and this bug is listed as fixed.



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On Thursday, July 26, 2012 at 8:55 PM, Thomas Schaefer wrote:

Rick, W4PC of HRD Software said it was a bug and is fixed in next release.

Tom NY4I

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