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Laurie, VK3AMA <groups08@...>


Which UDP packet is carrying this additional data. DX Grid would suggest the decode packet, while the other data suggests the Status packet. Do you have an updated "NetworkMessage.hpp" file reflecting the schema change?

Any changes to JTAlert embracing this new UDP schema won't make the next JTAlert release (2.7.3) as it is with the Beta testers and will likely to be made public later today.

de Laurie VK3AMA

On 26/05/2016 12:38 AM, Black Michael mdblack98@... [HamApps] wrote:
WSJT-X 1.7 r6691 has a new UDP schema (version 3) that adds Rx DF, Tx DF, DE call, DE grid, DX grid

Could we get a new alert for Rx DF==DeltaFrequency that triggers when no other alert triggers, not a CQ, and doesn't contain DE call?
The idea being that a message that appears in the Rx Frequency window of WSJT-X may be of interest if you're monitoring that offset.  Any other alert would take precedence.  
WSJT-X uses +/- 10Hz for the Rx Window but having that adjustable in JTAlert would be nice too.  Maybe make "Ignore own call" and "Ignore CQ" checkable?
Mike W9MDB

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