locked Re: [Ham-Apps] JT-Alert Callsign Databases - New version, 12.07.21 (2012-Jul-21), available

Jim - N4ST

I used AVG for many years, until it became so bloated and slowed my system down that I was willing to pay for virus protection.
AVG may be better now, after so many customer complaints.
Actually, I was misleading when I said Norton red-flagged the Callsign Database, it just yellow-flags it as being a low customer usage unknown.
It is the Sound & Voice files that get red-flagged as containing the Suspicious.Cloud.5.D virus. (Which is a false positive).
As Laurie said, this has all been discussed quite some time ago, and I'm sorry I made the joke.

Jim - N4ST

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What can I tell you......GET RID OF NORTON!!
Get a FREE virus scanner that works (AVG, Avira, etc)

On 7/20/2012 22:22 PM, Jim - N4ST wrote:

Ah yes, another virus laden .exe to download.

Just kidding, but it still is a bit unnerving for Norton to put up the big red banner. ☺

Jim – N4ST

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