locked Re: [Ham-Apps] JT-Alert Callsign Databases - New version, 12.07.21 (2012-Jul-21), available

Laurie, VK3AMA <groups04@...>

This has been discussed several times.  Norton's and others will often flag a file as unsafe for no other reason than it is not a popular internet download from a large well-trafficked website. This is especially true for Ham Applications were the user base is only a few hundred.

I think that I have been providing these files long enough, without any virus payload, that users should be comfortable enough to whiltelist the files/website in their Virus/Malware software.

If I provided a zipped file of the databases, rather than a .exe setup file I would also have to provide instructions on how to unzip and where to install depending on the Operating System and then the inevitable support emails because the user chose it install in their preferred directory which JT-Alert couldn't find. The setup exe file weighs in at around 4.5 MB, while the actual database files total around 32MB. I will stay with the setup .exe file as a distribution method.

BTW, the next release of JT-Alert has an inbuilt updater to check for new version availability and will download and install for the database. Also the 3 databases are being replaced by a single database file, so that callsign State/eQSL/LoTW lookup will only require one file access and one database query compared to the current three separate file access and db queries.

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 21/07/2012 12:22 PM, Jim - N4ST wrote:

Ah yes, another virus laden .exe to download.


Just kidding, but it still is a bit unnerving for Norton to put up the big red banner. J


Jim – N4ST



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