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Jim - N4ST

Hi Ed,

Well, that is one problem I don't have. I run my computer in UTC and all HRD settings are for UTC. Don't know if that makes a difference or not.

Jim - N4ST

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Watch-out also when "Modifying" an entry in your logbook. I have noted that the date of the QSO is decremented by one day whenever I try a modification (you can correct the date before saving and it will stick). This does not seem to be limited to JT65 as I just tried a PSK-31 entry and the same problem exists. I believe that this "bug" was introduced with the version. I do not use HRD, only the logbook.

Ed, K0KC

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I am using JT-Alert 1.6 and HRD 5.23.012
I have found two compatibility issues:

1) Editing/Updating any part of the the HRD logbook entry for a US QSO results in the Country being set to blank. This only occurs for JT-Alert QSOs with the United States. This may be because JT-Alert writes the entry as United States of America initially, while HRD uses only United States.

2) If HRD Callsign Lookup is enabled (QRZ Subscription), it takes ~20 seconds for the update to complete. This only happens on the JT65 QSOs and only if Callsign Lookup is enabled. This happens about 95% of the time, but not every time.

Not sure where to point the finger, JT-Alert or HRD, but the issues only occur with the JT-Alert recorded QSOs.

I don't know how many changes (if any) will be made in the HRD Logbook format when the paid version (6.0) is released, but there will likely remain many users of the free HRD 5.23 version.

(Using 64-bit Windows 7 on 3GHz Core2 Duo)

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