locked Re: JT-Alert & HRD Compatibility

Jim - N4ST

I did not have the problem with HRD 5.22 either.
It is only with the latest version.

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Jim, I'm using HRD v and JT_Alert v 1.6.0
and I don't have those issues. Indeed, I have none at the
If I had to guess, I'd say the problem derives from
something in the configuration.
GL...~jess, AF5X

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I am using JT-Alert 1.6 and HRD 5.23.012
I have found two compatibility issues:

1) Editing/Updating any part of the the HRD logbook
entry for a US QSO results in the Country being set to
blank. This only occurs for JT-Alert QSOs with the
United States. This may be because JT-Alert writes the
entry as United States of America initially, while HRD
uses only United States.

2) If HRD Callsign Lookup is enabled (QRZ
Subscription), it takes ~20 seconds for the update to
complete. This only happens on the JT65 QSOs and only
if Callsign Lookup is enabled. This happens about 95%
of the time, but not every time.

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