locked Re: Logging time excessive

Michael Black

Try excluding that directory from Windows Defender.  You can do that in the settings.

I've noticed a similar thing with Log4OM where, once in a while, it will take more than a minute to log a QSO with lots of disk chatter.

Is your delay happening on every QSO?

So I've excluded that dir now from Windows Defender and hopefully that problem goes away.

Mike W9MDB

From: "'DGB' ns9i2016@... [HamApps]"
To: HamApps@...
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2016 7:30 AM
Subject: [HamApps] Logging time excessive

Recently it has taken longer and longer for my Q to be logged to DXK,
almost 2 minutes now.

Am running Win 8.1 with I5 processor in a HP 8540p laptop with 6gb of ram.

What could be causing this? I keep all the apps up to date.

Only virus/malware sftwe is MS Windows Defender.

73 Dwight NS9I

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