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The history of the HRD API and HRD deleting any running JTAlert process on the users PC is available in the message archives of this group. I wont rehash the true details, except to say that JTAlert was coded to support the HRD Logging API within a couple of hours of the spec being finally made available to me.

The API is used automatically by JTAlert when HRD 6.3+ is detected. You will need visit the JTAlert Settings and set the Log name and the IP address of the PC running HRDLogbook (typically if on the same PC as JTAlert).

NOTE: There is an outstanding defect within the API affecting non-Access (MySQL, MSSQL) logs where the API will report back to JTAlert that a QSO was written to the HRDLogbook Log but it is never actually written. This only affects non-Access logs where there is no configured Access log within HRDLogbook. The workaround is to create a dummy Access log in HRDLogbook.

de Laurie VK3AMA

On 11/03/2016 2:58 AM, nealix@... [HamApps] wrote:
Hi Laurie:

When I discovered JTalert and was originally searching for JTalert setup tutorials,
I noticed a number of people reporting that JTalert is not programmed to properly use the HRD database
API (Application Programming Interface) [but instead directly writes to the DB, bypassing the HRD API], and therefore occasionally corrupts the HRD logging database.
HRD staff claimed to be aware of this, and said they tried to explain to the author of JTalert how he should fix JTalert to use the HRD API for database writes.   The suggestions from HRD support are to avoid permitting JTalert to directly write to your HRD log database until JTalert fixes their programming.

So for right now, for safety, I am just importing the ADIF log file once a day (if I operate).

My Question:   I imagine some time has gone by.   Has the JTalert code been updated yet to
safely use the HRD database API, so I can turn on direct logging without fearing corruption of
the HRD log database?

I love your program.   Thanks for making such a great helper-app with so many features.



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