locked HRD Logging



I'm having trouble getting JT-Alert to log into HRD. I saw your bug notice regarding the need to add a backslash in the Log Contact window of JT65-65 and have done that. Additionally, I've ensured that I have logging enabled and am using HRD V5 (Access).

I am running JT65-HF v 1.0.7, WindowsXP under VMWare Fusion on an Intel based Mac. I do not get any notice that the logging attempt has failed. The contact is logged into the JT65-HF file, but nothing shows up in HRD. I've tried checking HRD V5 (OBCD DSN) with similar results, but as "HRD My Logbook.mdb" is the file name, I assume I should use the Access option.

Thanks for the help, and thanks especially for the great software.

John KF2H

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