locked Flag for "CQ DX"

K1DJE - Dave Corio

Laurie, I don't see anything in the archives about this, and perhaps I'm the only one having this problem, but here goes!

I have the word "DX" flagged in JTAlert to show with a specific color to help me avoid answering a CQ by an operator who calls "CQ DX" It works fine as long as the calling format is "CQ DX", however when an op uses the format "CQ AB1CDE DX", where the "DX" replaces the grid square, the "DX" is not flagged.

Is there currently a way, or would it be possible at some point to have the ability to flag a CQ that has "DX" standing alone - that is, where "DX" is not part of the call (KB3XDX) or part of the grid square (DX24)?

My reason for this is that in the few seconds available to reply to a CQ, it is very easy to start answering, only to realize that the caller wanted DX only.

Finally, does anyone on the forum know how I can start WSJTX with a higher task priority in Windows 10 by using the "Applications/Auto-Start/Parameters" function in JTAlert? I know how to change the priority by using Task Manager/Details, however that method does not persist between sessions.

Thanks, and Happy New Year to all!


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