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Hi Again....Mono seems to work better than Wine....will load Mono ready for when you are..


On 02/01/16 09:29, 'Laurie, VK3AMA' groups07@... [HamApps] wrote:

On 2/01/2016 10:18 AM, David djmunn@... [HamApps] wrote:
Hi Laurie.....sounds great...if you need a Linux tester dont hesitate to ask..
im now running Linux Mint 17.3 (Ubuntu based) on 64 bit but can also run Ubuntu 15.10 also 64bit.....

73 David VK4BDJ

As soon as I have code an end-user can test, I'll send it your way.
All my development and testing  (Windows and Linux) is 64bit.

I neglected to mention in my last message... for a native Windows .NET application to run under Linux & MacOS, Mono needs to be installed. I had no trouble installing Mono on my Ubuntu test environment and I don't regularly use Linux, so I'm sure you will have no issues ;) Think of Mono as just another prerequisite/dependency that needs to be installed as is typical when installing a new app to Linux :-)

de Laurie VK3AMA

73 David VK4BDJ

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