locked Re: Kaspersky quarantined 'JTEnvironment.plugin'

Jim - N4ST

Yeah, saw the same thing here with the last couple of versions of JTAlert.
Sometimes it may take a day or so, but Kaspersky is hunting down and removing the last couple of versions of JTAlert.
Even though I said tell me first without taking action. Even though I tried excluding JTAlert.
I had 2 months left on my Kaspersky subscription, but I removed it from my ham computer.
Time for something different. I don't like to stick with a specific virus program more than a couple of years anyway.

Jim - N4ST

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Subject: [HamApps] Kaspersky quarantined 'JTEnvironment.plugin'

I just downloaded and installed JTAlert 2.6.27. After downloading Kaspersky scanned it as clean but on install run it deleted JTEnvironment.plugin, saying it had detected "UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic".

I appreciate this is almost certainly a false positive but has anyone else noted this issue?



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